INFUSION SERIES Premium Prerolls

Our infusion series of prerolls are a unique line of prerolls that meld top quality blends of flower and hash with the unique experience of house crafted artisanal flavors. Each preroll is hand packed to perfection for a consistent and even burn creating a smooth, flavorful and repeatable smoking experience every time.

Watermelon Spritz

A refreshing combination of watermelon and cucumber finished with citrus and a spritz of bubbly. A very light and thirst-quenching experience

Piña Colada

Nothing speaks Caribbean like putting the lime in the coconut. Add pineapple and find yourself relaxin’ & sippin’ on the beach with your toes in the sand.

Crème Brûlée

French classic custard made with vanilla bean and caramelized sugar. Enjoy a rich and creamy taste that is both sweet and satisfying.

Banana Bread

Straight out of Grandma’s oven, a home baked classic full of flavor. Enjoy tastes of cinnamon, vanilla, and nuts rounded off with fresh bananas.

Fuzzy Navel

A sweet and citrus explosion. The sunny flavors of freshly squeezed orange and peach with a touch of lemon and lime top this energetic combination.

Mango Mimosa

Say hello to Sunday Funday! A bright and bubbly blend of mango, citrus and champagne. The perfect pairing for brunch with friends.

Chocolate Strawberry

Luscious strawberries dipped in velvety chocolate. A sweet treat for one or a romantic dessert for two.

Rainier Cherry

This creamy-yellow cherry is considered the best of its kind. Sweet and floral flavors will have you thinking of spring. A Washington favorite since 1952.

Cosmic Cranberry

A vibrant combination of cranberry and citrus with hints of vanilla. This space age flavor is both sweet and tart. Fly me to the moon!

London Fog

Floral essences of bergamot, earl grey and black tea rounded off with frothy sweet vanilla and a touch of lavender just like you find at your local cafe.

Blackberry Cobbler

Delicious candied blackberries with hints of vanilla and flakey pastry crust. A dessert the will bring you back memories of fresh picked blackberries on a hot summer day


A Pacific Northwest staple. This invigorating flavor tastes just like its name. Sweet, juicy and full of flavor. I’ll be your Huckleberry….

Tropical Breeze

Made with Aloha, the perfect blend of passionfruit, orange and guava (POG). Flavors that taste like sunshine. Sweet and tangy citrus notes will have you yelling CHEE HOO!!

Calypso Berry

Expressing aromas of acai and berries, finished with hints of green tea and coconut. Flavor that will have you packing your bags for the islands.

Crimson Apple Crisp

 A burst of sweet orchard freshness underscored by hints of warm brown sugar and cinnamon topped with creamy vanilla. A delicious and comforting dessert that embraces home baked goodness